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Scottie’s Deli is an American deli founded on three principles: Passion, Craftsmanship and Quality.

 Our goal is to honor the history and tradition of Jewish, Italian and German delicatessens while embracing the modern.  Our sandwiches are created from meats that are cured, smoked and cooked in-house.  Our soups and salads are made from-scratch and the take-home family dinners are prepared daily.  Our commitment to fresh food is born of our desire to provide delicious food that you feel good eating.

Hours: Mon - Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Our Story

In the early 1970’s my grandfather, John, went to visit the east coast and encountered an east coast style submarine sandwich.  He quickly recognized that there were no sandwiches like this in California and Big John’s Submarine Sandwiches was born.  A few years later the family relocated to Redding, in northern California.  Over the next decade multiple locations were opened and run by various family members.  In fact, I have a very vivid image in my head from 3 years old of the store my parents owned.  I also have countless memories of spending summers with my grandmother and the many hours with her at “the shop.”  So you might say, sandwiches are a part of me.


When it came time to name the deli, it was easy to call on my family history, however for obvious reasons, the name Big John’s was not considered appropriate.  I toyed with several names but none of them seemed right.  All I could do was think of my grandmother and all the hours I spend with her in her sandwich shop and I knew I needed to have that connection.  I then recalled one thing that was so important to my grandmother, her Scottish heritage, so much so that my parents gave me the middle name Scott.  So the names Scottie’s isn’t just a name, it represents a piece of me, and also my family.  When you come to Scottie’s Deli, you are family.


Pastrami Dearest:

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